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About this Comic

Brymstone is based off a GURPS RPG campaign played by about 5-6 people in the fall/winter of 2002/2003. I thought it was such a kick ass campaign and that it would make such a cool comic that I asked everyone involved in the campaign if I could go ahead and use the world, characters, etc, with some creative license and make a comic. They all thought this was a cool idea, so here you go. Because this was based of a played campaign, you'll likely notice a lot of little injokes, modern references, and other weird inconsistancies. Oh well.

If you are familiar with the manga Bastard!! by Kazushi Hagiwara you will likely notice some similarity between Bastard!!'s Luche Len Len/Dark Schneider and the character of Rushe/Darshe. Yes, the character of Rushe/Darshe was inspired by Kazushi Hagiwara's character from the manga and anime. The two characters share a number of concepts and attitudes ( which people will probably pick up on.) as well as sharing a similar name. ( Luche Len Len's name has also been translated to Rushe Ren Ren and even Lucien sometimes, Where as Dark Schneider is refered to as DS, Darsh, Dark, and Darshu.) But 'inspired by' is the key term here. As the story goes on, you'll find the two characters and the two worlds are quite different. The world and all the other characters in this comic were either other players creations ( based more on traditional fantasy: read LotR or AD&D) or original characters created to fill in the story gaps or NPCs the GM created to torture us with. Beyond Rushe/Darshe character, there is no further Bastard!! influence. If you enjoy slightly campy anime fantasy comedies with a healthy dose of playful perversion, ninja masters, dark elves, and a bad ass wizard, I'd suggest you pick up the anime or manga of Bastard!! and see it for yourself.

About the Artist and Author

I'm a 27 year old Graphic Designer from British Columbia, Canada who loves anime, cats, hiking, drawing, and computers. I've been an artist for a long time and drawing comics for about the last 8 years or so. I draw and write another comic called Shifters, and one called Cosmic Feline which is written by Micheal Prokop. I've always had a passion for comics and animation and that's turning into this new webcomic obsession. I generally hang out on IRC on sorcery net. You can find me there normally in the day in #shifterscomic.

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