A brief run down of some of the terms and definitions that might confuse you if this is your first time reading this comic.

The Order of Lasel ~ Monastic order dedicated to the rehabilitation of evils that cannot be destroyed.

The Behnon Force ~ A forbidden, powerful demonic magic that Darshe the Destroyer used to terrorize the Southern Nations for nearly 200 years. He is the only man known to ever weild the power.

The Day of Fire ~ 8000 years ago, the world was destroyed when the gods rained hellfire and death from the sky to punish the human race. Humans believe it was to punish them for the sin of pride. After the day of fire, other races previously unknown to the world began to appear and the lands became incased in ice.

The Sealed ~ Children of the Order of Lasel who's body contains an evil undergoing rehabilitation. Their bodies are branded with sacred marks of the order which prevent the entity inside from manifesting or the child from remembering their former life.

Hakard the Undying ~ The king of the Kingdom the story takes place. His title is derived from his nom de guerre from the days of his youth.

The Silver Guard ~ An Elite division of the Knights of Hakard's kingdom.

The Elven Wood ~ Located to the Far east, the woods suddenly appeared after the Day of Fire and have remained ever since.

The Dryad Wood ~ Another magical appearing wood but filled with Driads. Seperates Hakard's kingdom into two halves. Travelers do not fare well in the woods.

The Green World ~ Where the elves, dragons and dryads claim they came from.

Bayl ~ A type of living vampire. These unnerving creatures are extremely long lived, usually very twisted and evil, have long faces, slitted pupils and an extra knuckle. The only thing bails hate more than anything else is other bails. they hate their siblings only minimaly less and as such are an incestous race.

The Great Glacier ~ After the fire the world turned into a dark, cold place. Only now is the ice of the Great Glacier starting to recied and grant land back to the surviving humanity.

Significance of Fire ~ In this world, fire is a holy symbol of the gods. It cleanses evil, preserve's life, and is praised and feared. The BlackSmith of a town is the keeper of the fire and as such is the most important person besides the magistrate. They serve a dual purpose as a traditional blacksmith and a kind of priest. Branding and self afflicted burns are a common form of punishment and attonement.

Demons ~ When the fire came and the elves, dragons, and dryads appeared, so did the demons as well as trolls, goblins, and other nasties. The demons were unable to return to their hot homes and were particularly affected by the cold. Many were frozen in the ice at first. However, as the ice has recieded, many of the demons have become free.


The Order of Lasel This is an elite order of monks who have dedicated themselves to rehabilitiating evils which cannot be destroyed by any other means. When an evil is captured using brymstones, the soul is then placed into a still born child who has been carefully prepared and ritually born to act as a vessle for the soul of the wicked. Once the child is born, protective seals are branded onto the body within only seconds of the birth and the soul of the captured placed within. The final seal is applied and the baby will come to life after being bathed in its mother's blood. The child is then raised through a very strict monastic upbringing in order to rehabilitate the soul within.
Rushe A good hearted child brough up by the very strict teachings of the Order of Lasel. He is one of the Sealed. Behind those innocent eyes lies another, and it is his duty to keep the evil inside him bound forever.
Lucas Rushe's Best friend and a fellow Sealed monk. He is often very amorous towards Rushe, who feels very uncomfortable about his friend's affections.
Joshua Lucas' friend and sometimes bedfellow. Very jealous and something of a prankster.
Brother Darren Bother Darren is the Taskmaster for the Sealed, ensuring that they do not stray from the strict upbringing of the monastary. He does training and administers punishments for transgressions. The boys of the monestary feel he enjoys his work too much.
Brother Raphel The current leader of the Order of Lasel and the most powerful of the order after his ceremony of atonement. He personally captured Darshe the Destroyer after nearly seven days and nights of combat.
Sir Raif Maddox Former Knight of the Silver Guard turned fugitive after being framed for treason by his twin brother.
Orinlaithe Clearwater Elven healer, Grandson to the Famed Laithe Clearwater of Elven medicine. He searches to find his long lost brother.
Rowan A sticky fingered halfling who, after being rescued by Raif, has stuck with him ever since. An excellent cook.
Talon A mercenary of some reputation who was killed by Raif after he was hired to kill him. Raif stole Talon's identity in order to fake his own death and seek revenge on his brother.
Darshe the Destroyer Infamous Dark Mage who once weilded the forbidden Behnon Force in addition to his powerful arsenal of elemental spells. He was also an accomplished illusionist and alchemist. Darshe was well known as an extraordinarly powerful mage and a terrible womanizer, but his main claim to fame was that he seemed to be unkillable. He would appear to die horribly and then return to life some times not even hours later. He terrorised the South Kingdoms for nearly 200 years before the Order of Lasel attacked and captured him after an exhaustive 7 day running battle. He killed all the monks but Raphel, who single handedly killed and then sealed the mage so he could not resurrect himself.

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