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According to Legend, over five thousand years ago, it is whispered that Humans once held great power. They were said to possess great works of technological wonder, knowledge and power that allowed them build great Cities that sprawled from horizon to horizon, ships that flew, and swam. People lived in comfort and ease, producing great works of literature art and science. It was a golden age.

But then they stepped to far.

In their arrogance, humans sought to transcend the realm of the gods and walk among the stars. This angered the Gods.

The Gods’ fury at this invasion of their sacred realm was great. Fire rained upon the earth, destroying all it touched. In moments, everything that the Humans had built was raised to cinders.

So great was this fire and fury that it reached out to another world, the Green World and plucked from it creatures not seen in the world for many an Age. What remained of mankind and these unfortunate beings were thrust into the savage Deep Cold that followed.

But men are hearty creatures, and even the god’s wrath could not destroy them entirely. The God’s own weapon, fire, became the all powerful force. Fire brought warmth. It brought light. It brought life. As humans slowly rebuilt, all villages and cities became centered around the worship of fire. Those who worked with it, namely Blacksmiths and Forgemen became holy figures in the eyes of men and central to the prosperity of man. They became the keepers of the holy power of fire to create.. and to destroy. In addition to providing the necessary metal components to make things, they also serve a function to police the creation of devices. It is a deep fear that if men are to become arrogant again with their machines, the Gods will turn the Wrath upon them again.

In the wake of the Wrath, men discovered they were no longer alone in the world. Elves, dwarves, halflings, dragons, nymphs, and other manner of beings once thought to be myth and legend suddenly existed, bringing with them powerful magics into the world. To survive the Deep Cold, partnerships and alliances were forged to ensure mutual survival. Some were lasting, others were tenuous at best. However, in bringing light magics into the world, the dark also found purchase in the new world.

The cold in this respect was a blessing. Freezing much of the darkness in the depths of white, setting it to lurk, forgotten, at the bottom of glaciers and oceans. However, now, several thousand years later, the Deep Cold is finally starting to thaw and these evils are now finding themselves freed from their icy prisons and hungry to take advantage and feed of the new life that warmth brings.

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