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Everyone likes to know a little more about the characters of a comic… or at least I do. So here is a list of the characters in the comic thus far and a little writeup on who they are and some of their significant story points.

Full Name: Unknown
Shows up in: Chapter 1

Infamous Dark Mage and protagonist of the comic who once wielded the forbidden Behennon Force in addition to his powerful arsenal of elemental spells. He was also an accomplished illusionist and alchemist with a wealth of archeological and arcane knowledge. Gifted at the magic arts, Darshe was known to be an Adept, a human magically gifted from birth and quite rare. As he grew, his power did as well and although not much is known of his days of youth, he was formally schooled, and later went on to become one of the most destructive and feared magic users of the age. His largest claim to fame however was his nigh immortality. He would appear to die horribly and then return to life some times not even hours later. He terrorized the South Kingdoms for nearly 200 years before the Order of Lasel attacked and captured him after an exhaustive running battle. The Laselian monk known as Raphel captured the dark mage and sealed him inside a stone. He was later subjected to Laselian Rehabilitation, which is a spiritual reformation technique to build a new person out of an evil being that cannot be destroyed. This is the predicament Darshe currently finds himself in at the beginning of the comic.

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Full Name: Rushe De Lasel
Shows up in: Chapter 2
A good hearted child brought up by the very strict teachings of the Order of Lasel. He is one of the Sealed, a child who bears within them the soul of an immortal evil that it is their duty to overcome and bind within themselves forever. Rushe is a bit naive, and certainly far too trusting and innocent most of the time. He carries within him Darshe’s spirit and his forbidden powers, and unfortunately isn’t always strong willed enough to keep Darshe’s personality suppressed without the Brand of Lasel to keep him locked away.

Full Name: Lucas De Lasel
Shows up in: Chapter 2

A fellow Sealed, Lucas is older than Rushe and has developed a few undesirable habits, namely he’s rather amorous and involved secretly with several of the other boys at the monastery. He has developed a strange fondness for Rushe, who is unaware of his somewhat lecherous intentions. His love for the boy led him to violate the orders rules and is inadvertently responsible for Darshe’s escape.

Full Name: Joshua De Lasel
Shows up in: Chapter 2

Josh, another sealed, is Lucas’ primary consort and something of a prankster. He often gets into trouble playing jokes, and using his talents for mischief to sabotage anyone who gets too close to Lucas. He’s also quite ambitious, and isn’t above using people to get what he wants. He is the driving force behind the mischief that unleashes the force that dooms the monastery.

Brother Darren
Full Name: Brother Darren De Lasel
Shows up in: Chapter 2

One of the initiated (but not yet atoned) monks of Lasel, Darren is quite a bit older than the boys, but like them, carries within him an ancient evil. His ears are evidence of the progression he has made towards atonement, and on the faithful night of his atonement ceremony all hell breaks loose. This inadvertantly leads to the release of more than just his own seals, and of course the chaos that comes with it.

Full Name: Brother Raphel De Lasel
Shows up in: Chapter 1
The legendary leader of the Order of Lasel, and one of the very few monks to have known the Saint Lasel personally, he is an idealist and leads the order since Lasel’s own demise. He is a firm believer in the methods of Lasel, and has dedicated his life to the cause. Arguably one of the most powerful of the Atoned, he uses his power and knowledge to trap other evils, feeling compassion for them, but he shows it in a somewhat perverse way.

Full Name: Raif Maddox
Aliases: Talon
Shows up in: Chapter 3
Raif is a minor noble and knight who once served the kingdom of Hakkred the Undying. After his best friend attempted to raid the Royal Vault he was sent to bring him to Justice. Currently posting as a mercenary named Talon and keeping his real identity a secret for unknown reasons.

Full Name: Rowan Kalkin
Shows up in: Chapter 3
A halfling who follows Raif/Talon around. Is apparently something of a thief. It is implied that Raif/Talon saved him somehow from a tree. He is a very cheery fellow who’s rather bad about blurtting things he’s not supposed to. An excellent cook and something of a gourmet. Generally he is a happy, carefree fellow, despite being beaten up frequently by Raif/Talon.

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