They say that creativity dies in a vacuum, and there’s some truth to that, in that if you are left alone to toil in artistic solitude, eventually everything gets sucked out and there’s nothing to replace it. Creative people do best when they’ve got some other creative people to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, collaborate with, and share their passions with.

While I’ve got a few friends, none of them are artists. Many of them are creative, but its not really the same. So I want to hang out with other local artists, in the flesh, particularly those who are doing their own webcomics and manga (or are at least interested in that scene) so that I can keep myself fresh and motivated, and help colaborate, share techniques, share inspirations, and generally bounce cool ideas with, and also network with. I want to get involved, but I’m an adult, with a real life who can’t get into Vancouver on a weekday because I work in friggin Abbotsford during normal business hours.

So, long story short, here’s the deal. I’d like to start some kind of monthly webcomic/comic artist meetup on a weekend in Langley or Surrey, BC (thats in canada folks..). Might be a coffee shop or food court for the first little while until I get a sense of who’s interested.  I know most of the people who read this on the Brymstone site won’t be from Canada, let alone the lower mainland, but if you are a comic/webcomic/anime/manga artist (or wanna be one), please shoot me an email. I’m even cool with just meeting one or two people, I don’t necessarily want it to be huge. I just want to hang out with some like minded folks who can get excited about drawing comics/manga/anime.

Ideally I’d like to meet people who are ALREADY doing comics on some level, but I’m alright with artists who WANT to do comics/manga/webcomics but maybe haven’t been able to get started yet for some reason. I want meet people of all ages, so please, if you are an older anime/comic artist person I’m VERY interested in hanging out. Don’t feel intimidated! (I’m in the 30+ range, so beware.)

If you are interested email me at shadowsmyst at gmail dot com with where you’d prefer to meet, langley or surrey and which day, saturday or sunday would be best for you.

I’ve been trying to get a page done about every two weeks, and this would have been my posting day if the Migraine from Hell hadn’t hit me like a mac truck Tuesday morning. I’ve missed work and essentially been knocked flat on my ass for three days now. I got meds yesterday, but I’m far too spaced out to do anything that involves concentrating, and this particular form of head suck has me shaking like an epileptic in an earthquake.

I’m hoping however, with the proper medication, which I have now acquired from the doctor, this shall pass and I’ll be in a better state to work on comic stuff over the weekend, and I will endeavor to post something resembling a comic on Monday. If you are bored in the meanwhile, feel free to post some character discussion in the forums or something.

Okay, time to pass out again. Thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately I didn’t get finished the page for today, which was my goal, it still has about another three to four hours of coloring work left on it, however, I didn’t want to NOT update SOMETHING (hey something is better than nothing right?), so here is a preview!

ALSO! I’m in the FINALS of the TGT webcomic Tournament! Voting starts Aug 21 (tomorrow). Show your support! Vote from a computer, since voting from phones won’t be counted. You can vote once every 12 hours!

I’ve discovered recently how to Ustream, and I’ve been doing it. I recorded a portion of my inking. I don’t say a lot, but you can watch. If you are interested in watching me Ustream, my show is called ShadowsMyst is Drawing ( I know, its so original XD). Its kind of random at the moment, but I tend to announce it in twitter. If there’s enough interest in facebook, I may post there too. BUT, I will also be making a page here with imbedded choice videos. If you have a ustream account, you can follow me on Ustream. 🙂

I will of course post the page when its done, but right now it looks like it may be a monday post, as generally I don’t post on the weekend. 😛