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  1. ShadowsMyst

    Huh. This somehow got blipped.

  2. suom gii

    ^.^ This is an awesome webcomic. That is all.

  3. MacPaladin

    Yarr… YARR!!
    Damn thing says “yarr” is too short a post. ;p

  4. Peng

    I love this webcomic. 🙂

  5. Isenherz

    Ah, I started reading this today, and I’m already caught up.. It’s amazing! Must read more!

  6. Shali

    This webcomic is greatly loved… And Darshe is hot.

  7. Eleanor

    This is awesome I love it!! 🙂 Nice story and art =D

  8. Rilus

    Bah…This comic shouldn’t have lost to 1977. Ah well. Thats life, I suppose.

  9. update me

    time for a new page please…

  10. Atom

    hehe, he updated the browser icon and pre/next buttons. Does that count?

  11. Me

    Can’t wait for the new page. >_<

  12. ShadowsMyst

    She, I’m a girl, and yes new page Friday. trying to get a buffer before classes.

  13. Atom

    Whoops, well I’m embarrassed. Sorry about that ShadowsMyst 🙂

  14. Llurg

    Backgrounds still white. Loving the updatin.

  15. Swot

    Really enjoy this comic though I thought it was dead when I fires stumbled upon it. Good Luck!

  16. Viho

    In case you didn’t know, the RSS feed is currently invalid, gives error “Error parsing RSS XML: Unexpected end of file while parsing CDATA has occurred. Line 34, position 25. “

  17. Alistair

    Nice! Even if there aren’t anything else in the background, story is very nice.

  18. Fantasy Reader

    Woo, updates! and I like the exposition. 🙂

  19. John

    are there going to be more updates after xmas seems like this one has been here for an Ice age

  20. sigh

    Your pole should have an answer with “dont care, just update regularly, at least once a week!”

  21. Meridian

    There is a golden rule, when reading a comic: don’t push on the artist with her work! Be patient and stop to complain. I don’t think it helps her.

    SM, still love your comic, your style is addictive and conversations are great. Thank you for this great story! 🙂

  22. mybackhurts

    ‘Fuck pants’. Hah hah hah hah hah… gotta love your humor, marie.

  23. superman200er0

    Hey loved the broadcast tonight but the chat took a poo. Just e-mail me and I’ll send you the monitor adapter so you can dual screen your stuff. It helps me alot to have a second screen I can have my entire screen to draw and have an entire screen to look at references chat and all that stuff.

  24. Fantasy Reader

    I’m sorry it’s so painful for you to draw! This comic always looks beautiful. I’d be fine with it in black and white, personally, but it is important that you find a balance that is right for you.

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