Chapter 4 Pg 15

I bet you never expected to see this. 😛

Although don’t get too excited yet. I’m going to try to get once a week updates going again for Fridays. I’ve rescheduled my class I teach to mondays so I’ll have tues/wed/thurs to get the pages done. There may be some break with color if I can’t get the color done, or only base shades or something. But I DO want to make sure this gets going on again.

I did have some comics left over at the end of last convention season and they can be ordered through my store at Its pretty much chapter one, re-lettered and tweeked a little. Although the last page contains Darshe’s full real name. XD I’m completely redrawing chapter 2 for the next issue, but its far from done. I don’t intend to update the site with the new artwork though, as it will be formatted from the get go for print, and I don’t really want to reformat it twice. So if you want to see the new art, you’ll have to order a copy.

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