Chapter 4 Pg 15

I bet you never expected to see this. 😛

Although don’t get too excited yet. I’m going to try to get once a week updates going again for Fridays. I’ve rescheduled my class I teach to mondays so I’ll have tues/wed/thurs to get the pages done. There may be some break with color if I can’t get the color done, or only base shades or something. But I DO want to make sure this gets going on again.

I did have some comics left over at the end of last convention season and they can be ordered through my store at Its pretty much chapter one, re-lettered and tweeked a little. Although the last page contains Darshe’s full real name. XD I’m completely redrawing chapter 2 for the next issue, but its far from done. I don’t intend to update the site with the new artwork though, as it will be formatted from the get go for print, and I don’t really want to reformat it twice. So if you want to see the new art, you’ll have to order a copy.

If you want notifications of when I do post updates, I post on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and of course on Deviantart. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed if you use RSS.

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  1. Marshmallows

    Yay! Good to see this back! I’m happy with anything! 🙂

  2. Anime fan


    • Anime fan

      8) Don’t worry, I’d bet my Shades of Firstness from Jefbot that this comic will live.

  3. Fantasy Reader


    (Glad to see you no longer feel like a zombie).

    • ShadowsMyst

      Slightly less undead, yes. Hopefully less pressure now I’ve gotten through the squeeze.

  4. MM

    Great to see this comic alive again 🙂
    Curious to see how this continues…

  5. Khlain

    if you need to, either set up for a once every two week schedule (less pressure on you), or perhaps go on hiatus to build up a buffer of several weeks worth of comics. Brymstone has a great storyline and artwork, and i’m sure the fans will be content to wait, if that’s what needs to be done.

    P.S. Awesome job so far, keep up the wonderful work!

    • Anime fan

      I say it alot myself, the internet is full of other webcomics to distract us while you do what you do Shadow.

  6. fromthebeginning

    killer… i happened to look this up on a whim after that hiatus way back when and i have to say, i am THRILLED and HAPPY that both Darshe and Shadowsmyst continue to live – kudos to you!!

  7. Anime fan

    Hey, Shadow. Just checking in, are you all right?

    • ShadowsMyst

      I’m alive, just. Crawling out from under a mountain of sucktastic life stuff. I’ll post a real news update soon.

      • Anime fan

        Just checking, I like to make sure authors in my favorites list are doing ok.

      • Battleship004

        It’s been almost a year and no updates why is that huh?

  8. McBob

    Are there any updates?

  9. Anime fan

    Hey, Shadow. Just checking in to let you know I still beleive you’ll update. Stay strong! b ^.^ d

  10. anonymus

    hi hope there will be an update someday,
    nice story by the way

  11. Anime fan

    Yo, Shadow. I hope you’re doing well IRL. I started college last Fall and am planning on becoming a history professor. I still believe you’ll update again one day, till then, stay awesome!

  12. Anime fan

    Hey, Shadow. If you still look at your page, I hope my comments find you well. I want you to know that you’re still one of the comics on my favorites list. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  13. Newfag

    Thats it..? What the fuck.
    You make a lot of excuses. Enflame the passion,my friend. If not I will steal this storyexcept it will have beteer art and story. Get on it. Lololjk, but come on.

  14. Anime fan

    Thought I’d let you know I still poke my head in every now and again. Much love, AF.

    • ShadowsMyst

      I seriously appreciate you Anime fan, checking in. You rock. Your patience will be rewarded, I promise.

      • Anime fan

        Shadow! Oh, man, it’s so good to hear from you! Hugging my monitor right now. 🙂

  15. Anime fan

    As I’m likely going to be neck deep in relatives on Christmas day and not able to say it then, Merry Christmas, Shadow. It may not be the best present you’ve ever gotten, but here’s a link to a story that I write on Wattpad. Please enjoy:

  16. Anime fan

    It’s a tad late, but, happy new year, Shadow.

  17. Gniknam

    Just want to echo with Anime Fan. I keep coming back to your site weekly knowing you’ll get back and going. I’ve been following your story for about 18 months and am hooked to see where you go with it next!

  18. ShadowsMyst

    Seriously, you guys are awesome. Your patience will be rewarded!

    • Anime fan

      Kittygirl? Lol, okay.

  19. Anime fan

    So, teaching history kinda deflated. But, I’ve learned how to smith knives and that’s neat. 🙂 I’m thinking I might make a /stab/ lmao. At physical therapy, always need more of those.

    • ShadowsMyst

      Smithing is cool! I wish I could do that. XD I love fancy knives.

      • Anime fan

        I make a working man’s knives. Simple, almost impossible to break, and perfectly balanced. Although, I did make a big one and then polished it until I could see myself in the blade. But, that’s more of a show piece, there are no buffalo here for me to use it on. :p

  20. Anime fan

    Hey, Shadow. Can you tell Darshe to cut it out with this heat, it’s insufferable. Ha ha, you’re doing well I hope?

  21. Gniknam

    Meant to post Friday… Hope you had great fun lighting things on fire for Independence Day! Be well.

  22. Anime fan

    Hey, Shadow. Checking in again. Lesse, I turned 20, got a puppy, oh, and I went to the beach last week so that was fun. The puppy is presently trying to chew on the corner of my laptop. Stoppit, Maddie!

  23. zingowner

    Just checking in. I keep this comic in my favorites and check it for updates every now and then. Looking forward to more of the journey.

  24. Anime fan

    Happy Thanks Giving, Shadow. Maddie says hello.

  25. Gniknam

    Happy Thanksgiving

  26. Anime fan

    Sweet heavenly knickerbockers it’s cold. Is there a way to safely sit inside the fire in the stove? Because if there is, I’m going in. Oh yes, happy new year, Shadow, hope to see you back again this year.

  27. Gniknam

    Happy St Patricks day. Hope Rowan is wearing green today

  28. Anime fan

    Happy Easter… Rowan, get away from that ham before I decide to bake you too.

  29. Anime fan

    Hey, Gniknam. What do you think would happen if the Lasel’s had put Darshe in a girl? Although it looks like all the kids were boys. Before Darshe nuked ’em that is.

  30. The Director

    Hello hello, pleasurable read, Ms. Tary. Eager for more when you have the opportunity.

  31. Anime fan

    Hey, Shadow. Thought I’d check in. Fall classes started a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, my anatomy class got dropped because a teacher quit, which is a pain in the ass. But on the upside, I got my very own anvil a couple days ago. It’s a heavy sucker.

  32. Anime fan

    God, it’s cold. Happy new year, Shadow. Ask Darshe to do something about this cold? It’s murder on my sinuses.

  33. Anime fan

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shadow. Hope you’re doing well.

  34. Morganae

    Ack! Just when a mystery popps up the comic dies. I hope you’re doing well and maybe we’ll get lucky and see the return of our favorite walking explosion!

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