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They say that creativity dies in a vacuum, and there’s some truth to that, in that if you are left alone to toil in artistic solitude, eventually everything gets sucked out and there’s nothing to replace it. Creative people do best when they’ve got some other creative people to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, […]

I’ve been trying to get a page done about every two weeks, and this would have been my posting day if the Migraine from Hell hadn’t hit me like a mac truck Tuesday morning. I’ve missed work and essentially been knocked flat on my ass for three days now. I got meds yesterday, but I’m […]

Unfortunately I didn’t get finished the page for today, which was my goal, it still has about another three to four hours of coloring work left on it, however, I didn’t want to NOT update SOMETHING (hey something is better than nothing right?), so here is a preview! ALSO! I’m in the FINALS of the […]