F*ing Exausted

Expanded update:

I know a lot of you have been patiently awaiting an update on the situation. No, Brymstone is not dead. Please stop asking. Its just on a hiatus while I deal with life.

I’m working 2 jobs, plus have to take commissions/freelance work to make ends meet. Paying my bills comes first, and Brymstone right now is a glorified hobby because it doesn’t make any money. Its actually cost me quite a bit of money this year, because of printing comics and convention costs. So I’m struggling to make all my payments on mortgage, credit cards, utilities, etc. I’m not asking for money, I’m just telling you all, paying work comes first.

Brymstone takes me a long time to do. The lineart isn’t bad, but the coloring takes forever. A single page can take me up to 16 hours to complete. Right now, I don’t have that kind of time. If you follow Shifters, and wonder why that updates and this doesn’t, its because I have a colorist for that comic, who is currently willing to donate her time freely. If it was not for her, that comic wouldn’t be updating right now either. She’s not willing to color for Brymstone without payment. It would cost me about $25 a page to have her color Brymstone. If anyone feels like ponying up some cash, I’m happy to move on it. Right now, I don’t have the money, so someone else has to pitch in.

If however, as I suspect, no one has the money, you’ll just have to be patient until I can get some time to do the work myself. I hope to do some over xmas, and hopefully build a significant buffer.

I could post just lineart, but I personally wouldn’t like that. My lineart is pretty lame without the color because its done in such a way to work with the color, not stand on its own. I really hate sacrificing quality, so I often would rather just wait until I can do it right than halfass it for the sake of speed. But if you people don’t care about the color, and make that clear, I might consider posting just lineart.

But otherwise, if you want the nice shiny pages, you’ll have to wait until I’m not f*ing exhausted and can clear some of these other obligations out of the way so I can pursue my hobbies again.

Life sucks all your time away when you get out of school kiddies, enjoy it while you can.

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  1. Marshmallows

    Hey, we understand ya. I used to have a life too, but now I work 10 – 12 hours a day and only get 5 hours sleep. The rest of that is to keep the household running. It’s just work and sleep for me.

    Take your time mate – Brymstone is meant to be be fun, not another job. There is no requirement to have a page up – that’s what distinguishes between work and play. Play is optional – you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

    But then I’ve heard that there’s something even more challenging and life absorbing than work – kids and babies. I don’t know what it’s like, but some say it’s like work life compared to high school.

  2. ComicReader

    One possibility is to just post the lineart, come back to colouring later if you can. I don’t mind lineart-based comics.

    Coloured is better than lineart, but lineart is FAR better than nothing.

    I might be out to lunch on this, and it might not be practical, but if anyone agrees, post below.

  3. Rosko

    Im sure there is a way to post advertisements on your site along side bars and up top, that would bring in some sort of income wouldnt it? look up “google adsense” or here is a link


    if the link doesnt work im sorry.

    hope it helps

  4. Anime fan

    There is an option I know of. Another comic i read called Roza the cursed mage, the artist posted the black and whites and is now returning to show the colored versions. Your fan-base will quiet down and you won’t have to worry about a colorist until you have some savings. This is just a sugestion.

  5. theflotinghead

    Gotcha, best of luck dealing with life!

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