Chapter 3 Pg 21

Well its late for this week, but late is better than never. At least I can say I DID update this week, even if it wasn’t exactly as planned thanks to massive class planning snafu and then sudden freak blizzard snowstorm. I mean, seriously, wtf is up with this weather? Anyway, the page, trying to show a little more of the two new characters… character? Hah. I colored this one myself, hopefully next week I’ll have the linework done early enough my fiance can handle some more of the coloring.. so I can do more linework, and more linework equals more regular updates, which is, of course, awesome.


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  1. Anakha

    Oh no, no, pleaso NO!
    How could you enter a KENDER into this perfectly fine Webcomic????

    • ShadowsMyst

      Actually he’s just a halfling thief, not a kender specifically.

  2. BlackKat

    sooooozzy if this is offensive in anyway…but is said author gay?…or just does it seem that the characters are?

    • ShadowsMyst

      No, I am not gay, but there is some flirting with shonen ai in the comic, and really, it just sort of happened that way.

  3. BlackKat

    thanks for clearing that up because it was beginning to be awkward and aLITTLE bit confusing…but overall its AWESOME

  4. Rogue

    Oh Lord, I love Rushe’s face in the last panel so much.

  5. Silverwolf

    So now we have a hobbit and a Jason Vorhees cosplayer.

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