Chapter 3 Pg 22

Trying to get comics up, but time and body thwarting my efforts. This time the flu, but at least i manged to get this page done.. after two weeks of working on it when I wasn’t stupid busy with class stuff. Anyway, here’s the page. Please vote at TWC if you feel inclined to support the cause of helping other people find this comic. XD Also, you can visit webcomic planet and discover new comics and do other things to. Just.. ya know.. putting it out there. Insentives at both locations soon.

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  1. MaciaPaladin

    Riker to Enterprise…

    But seriously, this page is so tight, it squeaks when it walks, Marie. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Anonymus the Nth

    This comic is very good!

    A little problem, though; most of the words outside the comic are conglomerated…

    • ShadowsMyst

      words.. outside? where do you mean? Under the comic? to the right? Is the stylesheet not loading properly? Can you be more specific? I’d like to try to fix whatever the problem is.

  3. Anonymus the Nth

    Under and to the left the comic.

    Seems to affect the word in gray and white that are directly on the black background (like comments, chatboard…)

  4. Astrih Konnash

    Just discovered this webcomic and am loving it (I also play pen-and-paper RPGs) ^^

    The letters gets mixed on IE but on ForeFox it shows without any problems

  5. ShadowsMyst

    I think the issue with IE has been resolved.

  6. Zypher

    Actually, the issue with IE has not been fully resolved. I can read comments, but not anything else outside the comic…

    • ShadowsMyst

      How about now? I’ve adjusted it again. I looked at it in my IE and it looks okay.

  7. Zypher

    Oh, awesome comic by the way. Just found it today, read through it twice already. ^^

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