Chapter 3 Pg 29

Alright, after several days of filler, here is the *real* page. XD if its before.. *checks watch* 8am EST, please do me the favor of voting for Brymstone at the TGT Webcomics Tournament. We’re down about 40ish votes last time I looked, so every click counts! Don’t let Darshe down!

This fight is so close to over it’s killing me, but I’m really trying to get pages done, seriously. I’ve set aside every Wed actually, forcing the fiance and roomie to cook so that I can work on comics. I also usually try to work Thursday nights too, and to prove it, I’ve started a Ustream channel, if you hadn’t heard. I’m also trying to figure out how to fix the website’s design to be a little less.. busy.

I’ve also got one wallpaper to finish, and possibly a second if we manage to pull out from behind the stoners and win this puppy.

Also thanks for the comments those who are leaving them! They are greatly appreciated!

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