Vote Brymstone – Three of a kind

So you guys seriously rock and yesterday, we were up by 22 or so votes, but then, this happened.

Of course Darshe can’t leave something like that alone. (and apparently neither can I. heh. Its all in good fun.)

Now you guys are super awesome, so I know we can come back again! I promised a goodie for catching us up, and its coming, I just gotta finish coloring it (migraine is making it hard to do anything fast..). Its a wallpaper, a pretty nifty one too I must say. Now, I’m willing do do another one if we catch up again, maybe featuring the lovely ladies Darshe has crawling all over him? Nothing like hot demon babes on your desktop. 🙂

So cry havoc and vote, the end is drawing nigh! (it ends 8am tomorrow morning! EST!) Remember you can vote once every twelve hours and must vote from a computer! No proxies! No cellphones! Or I’ll get disqualified.

Vote Brymstone! Vote here

Regular comic update will be up tomorrow. 🙂 Its all queued up and ready to go. The filler will be moved somewhere else. 😉

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  1. Byron

    You’ll have to take it up with Robyn & Lorraine, but being rock chicks and having showered with motorcycles guys in the past, I’m sure they’d be happy to join in!

    Yes, this is very good fun and I’m glad you’re having fun with it too! 🙂

  2. Sen

    If I were voting in that thing, I SO would have voted for you.

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