Chapter 3 Pg 31

Alright! Update, reasonably on time! And almost done the chapter too! I’m actually rather pleased with this fact. I also really liked how the second panel turned out on this page. Its a good dramatic perspective thingy.

Almost done with this chapter, one more page hopefully and we can leave all this flashback stuff behind and move forward! More Darshe! I think he’s beginning to get a little pissed that he’s all having to wait for this exposition before making more smart ass remarks.

Still working on the damn wallpaper. If you want a preview, there’s one on my Ustream.

There’s also some chatter and character speculation going on in the forums. Go on and join the conversation! Its not much fun if I speculate, because I know. 😛 Also got a few more “Ask Darshe”  questions that will be answered shortly. If you submit one soon, it’ll get in the next batch!

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  1. Sen

    Oh gawd, the wait is going to kill me. And yeah, the second panel is REALLY good. As well as the last page. 😀

  2. Jared

    wait killing me…

  3. Storm

    Wow, this comic is really good :3
    Based off of a campaign you say? 😮

    Who played Darshe? I must glomp them <3

    If you ever need help with the comic I would help you in a second, it's killing me to have so much suspense. :3

    • ShadowsMyst

      Yep, based off a GURPS campaign. RP breeds good story fodder.
      Darshe/Rushe were played by me. 🙂

      I do as much as I can as my schedule allows right now, but I don’t think there is much that can be done to help right now aside from moral support.

  4. Fang

    ShadowMyst you are awsome!! Really, I even started writing a story based off of what I learned and saw in Shifters your other comic, I truly love it and can’t wait for it to resume. plus I would like to ask you if you could read what I have so far on my story lol relax its like 4 pages max. love the details on the armor.
    Just like everyone else, the wait is killing me

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