Chapter 3 Pg 32

Well its friday and its been an exciting week. I’m teaching Photoshop and working full time (ya for two jobs..), my roommate was hit by a car, and my strata has decided I need to pay them a stupid sum of money I don’t have by November. Oh yeah, feel the awesome.

Only two more pages in this chapter kiddies, and we’ll finally be moving into the GODDAMN STORY. Can you tell I’m excited? In the next chapter I finally get to introduce the last main character for the first arc. WHOOT.

Okay, news stuff.

Darshe now has his own twitter. Become one of his minions and follow him. You know you want to. Darshe for the win.

Secondly, I keep meaning to mention this, but I’ve got some nifty linky buttons here, and I invite you guys to use them to link to Brymstone on whatever you use for a home/blog/space-on-the-web (its so damn subjective in these days of social media). I’ve also re-instated the ‘sharing’ bar that appears under each of these bloggy posts in order to make it easier for you to share Brymstone with the rest of your friends on facebook, twitter, myspace, digg, stumbleupon, whatever. If you are enjoying Brymstone, share the love!

The gallery is functioning now on this page, and I’ll be working to get Brymstone sketches and other art up on that page.

If you haven’t yet, you should check out the forums. There’s some fun character speculation going on and more people need to get in on this stuff. As the author its not really fair to speculate on my own story and characters, since I kinda know what’s going on. But I LOVE to see other people doing it! Yes, you need to register to use the forums, but as a perk your comments will appear instantly if you comment on the site. Ahhh, the benefits of membership.

Also, if you are facebook, you might like to become a fan of Brymstone.

Oh, and before I forget a bit shout out and thank you to all the people who’ve been commenting lately! Its a huge compliment and motivator in these hard times. ^^

Okay, I think I’m done now.

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  1. Videogamerkm

    *claps* This is amazing! High level drawing and top-notch story filled with hilarious characters (points and laughs at Darshe). (He’ll kill me for that, won’t he?)

    Keep up the amazing work going on here. I can’t wait for another update! (When are they, by the by? Regular-ish or just whenever?)

    • ShadowsMyst

      Right now I’m sort of averaging every two weeks. Trying to make it a weekly, but not having as much success as I’d like. But every two weeks seems to be a pretty safe bet right now.

  2. Sen

    Gallery page fffff yes

    Also this is a great page

    Also also I’m glad you have linkbuttons now, so I can link you, with buttons. <3 Yay *more Twitterstalking, Facebooking, etc*

  3. frankiexsix78

    Yes! A new page! *So excited* i hope everythig works out for you. I think, I’ll join twitter, just to stalk darshe lol.

  4. Slamlander

    Are you ever going to update more than once per month?
    The art and story are good, so far. The update rate suxors though. I dropped your link from my portal over a year ago because of it. I only got here accidently from Requiem and I had completely forgotten about you.

    • ShadowsMyst

      I *try* to update more than once a month. For the last couple of months I’ve been managing about twice a month. But I am working two real world jobs right now with family and friends demanding my time, and I have only evening a week that I can work on comics for the moment. Coloring just takes such a damn long time for me, that it doesn’t make it possible for me to both draw and color the comic within that one evening a week I get to do it. I do have a helper, but she can only do the base coloring, not the shiny stuff that makes everything look nice. So right now, baring illness or migraines, I get one week to draw, then the next week to color. Ideally, if I didn’t have to prep for classes all the damn time ( one of my jobs is as a teacher), I’d have more evenings to eek coloring time out of, to do things within a week, one evening I’d draw, the next I’d color, but with classes, I just can’t do any more than I am.

      The problem with time to do this is why quit publishing my other comic online until I was done. And its been almost two years since I’ve put anything online for it as a result. For this comic, for the moment, I figure something is better than nothing. There’s lots of ways with RSS feeds and such that people can follow me without having to come check the site. They either will or they won’t, but as this is what I would call a ‘serious hobby’ and that it isn’t generating my primary income, I can’t justify sacrificing time to my paying work to do this. Or kill myself in trying to do both my work and this on a daily basis. I have to sleep and I need downtime or I’d just burn myself out.

      In my ideal world, I’d update three times a week. But unfortunately I’m still working my way towards once a week, which is where realistically I’d like to be.

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