Chapter 4 Pg 8

You know, I think I need to write this stuff in advance, because inevitably when I finish the comic at like 1am, I’m all like DURRRR when I go to write these things. There’s always stuff I wanna ask you guys during the week and then when I get to the point where I actually post the comic, its like everything falls out of my head. So you get 1 am hallucination rambles. Hooray.

I think I remember a few things I wanted to say through the hazy fog of OMG-I-am-so-tired. One is to point out that, in case you didn’t know, Brymstone has a facebook page and you should like it if you haven’t already. Secondly I thought I’d get your guys thoughts on the forum. No one has used it for a while (granted it was broken for a bit there) But its fixed now! I’m even working on an roleplaying area in the forums. If you are into that, input is welcome. Are like forums totally out of style or something and is that why no one uses them? And speaking of style, what exactly is the point of Tumblr? Oh yes, and forumspring. I have a forumspring account, no one ever asks me anything on it, so its all empty and lonely and pathetic. Why do I have this again? Social media is so hard to keep up on. Although I do twitter a fair amount. Follow me for updates and notifications of livestreams of me drawing! I only really put notes on twitter or on my Deviantart account. Lastly, if you haven’t voted in the poll, please do.

I’m going to bed now. Enjoy.

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  1. Marshmallows

    I would really love it if there was a roleplay section! 🙂

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well you are in luck because I’m in the process of building one! if you register with the site, you can post in the forums. 🙂

  2. slightly insane Wizerd

    Slightly Insane bad A$$ wizerd agrees with the guy trapt with the putz when i say Damn

    Insane wizerd also ask when will there be eye candy for the stright man (it is the law so says Insane wizerds magical staff of refering to one’s self in third person

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well in a moment at least a little, although its not permanent. Unfortunately there wasn’t any women in the group, even the NPC was male. There will be female characters later on, but the core group is male.

      • slightly insane Wizerd

        Slightly Insane Bad A$$ wizerd Understands were you come from on this matter eving tho its from a completly deffrent situration (you dont wanna know)

        so slightly insane wizerd shall just smile and nod as slightly insane wizerd watch’s the misfortune of a down on his luck wizerd overlord and a putz

  3. Anime fan

    I agree with Darshe, DAMN! Oh well, nice page. So the halfling is really that old?

    • ShadowsMyst

      Not much is known about Rowan really. I think everyone just assumed he liked stories. More shall be revealed at a later time.

  4. Hoheh

    Not hot elf chick, but a new plot point. Hope he’s calmer a mage than Darshe sometimes was. Then again, I’m curious to see Darshe do his thing against another magic user.

    • ShadowsMyst

      I’d say Orinlaithe is a much more even personality. But he uses a totally different brand of magic than Darshe, and has a very different view of magic use, as you shall see. But never fear, thow shalt see magical battles!

  5. batz

    I and a insanely powerful warlock seem to think alike.


    • Angie7

      I and an insanely powerful warlock seem to think the complete opposite (only for the last two thoughts ‘though ^^)

      Although, the younger elven brother looks better han the older one, so it actually didn’t really matter. And Darshe is still number one for me, fufufu.

  6. Johnny Whoa

    Someday, Darshe. Someday.

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