Chapter 4 Pg 7

Update! Whoo! I’m freaking tired so this blog post is probably going to be kinda bleh. I wanted to get up this update last week, but it seems that going back to work has had.. well… certain unexpected side effects to my comic productivity. See I have this problem sitting up right now. My stomach muscles are still healing and sitting all day is pretty painful. Of course I do this all day at work and then come home and lo, I cannot sit any longer to draw. Since I have to draw at my main comp (which requires sitting) i’ve had to do this page in stints over the last few weeks when I wasn’t stuck on the couch. Sitting up the extra time sometimes resulted in being couched anyway.

In this page, we finally meet the last of our crew! The smoking hot elf, if I do say so myself, came out wonderfully. I think the art looks really good in this one. One hell of a debut. I’m totally drooling over him. Seriously.

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  1. Marshmallows

    Yays for the hot sexy elf! I’m guessing he might be evil-evil, but I still want to hug him!

    Let’s hope Darshe doesn’t get jealous.


    • ShadowsMyst

      Well I’ll let you ponder that. 🙂 Fortunately he’s a main character, so lots more sexy elf to come! The vote button appears to have resurfaced.

  2. Marshmallows

    Hmm…. where did that vote button go?

  3. CousinLinda

    He looks GREAT!

  4. Thesemar

    Yay for sexy elves! They should all jump his bones. That would be adorable!

  5. Angela777

    Yay! Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking forward to the update! ^^ I adore the elf already, but then again, I absolutely loved him when I first saw him on the cover a few pages back. And I just like elves for some unknown reason, I almost always play an elf in rpgs, heh. But maybe that’s just because they’re fast, nimble and beautiful, not to mention their names are super complex … and I’m completely digressing, lol …

    About your problem with sitting, can’t an ergonomic kneeling chair help you out? I know I switch regularly between such a chair and a normal office chair, just to change my posture. But then again, I had the luck of discovering that chair with the garbage and sneaked it in my house. 😛 I hear it’s not really cheap …

    • ShadowsMyst

      I don’t think so, as its not really back problems. The problem is that the surgery involved damage to my stomach muscles and they are still healing. So any sort of abdominal support (Ie: anything not lying down) hurts after a long enough period of time. Its SLOWLY getting better, but its like when you injure anything. It takes time and patience to rehabilitate the damaged body part, and give the muscles a chance to heal.

  6. Anime fan

    He looks familiar. -squinting-

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well, he was on the cover of this issue.

      • Anime fan

        -snaps fingers- thats it! Hrum, I thought he was Raif’s old bandit friend for a second.

  7. Devin8878

    slightly insane bada** wizerd says: my creepy awkward sence’s are tingling lets hope its not another putz or eving worse -shivers- i dare not eving speek of it

  8. Marshmallows

    Ah! I can see the vote button again! *votes*

    Oh and there’s a poll too! *also votes*

  9. Hoheh

    Well, someone has epic observation skills without showing much hint, at best, of awareness. He is more dangerous than apparent, not that he didn’t appear dangerous, “Talon.”

    • ShadowsMyst

      *coughs* yes, well you don’t really want to let on you are counter following someone who’s following you.

  10. batz

    Jay for comic 😀 don’t stress yourself on this though shadowmyst. Time heals all wounds 🙂

    Also, aww, he’s male? No female elfs? 🙁

    (Sorry, my masculinity commanded me to make said comment. Great page 😉 )

    • ShadowsMyst

      *coughs* yes well, everyone in the original RPG campaign that this is based off of opted to play guys. Even the girl players. Twas a little strange.

      • batz

        Oooh, this is based on a campaign? Neato, didn’t know.
        (obviously, now I do :P)

        And I’ve heard of that happening the other way around, but rarely like this 😛

  11. Hoheh

    That’s an excellent point. Here’s to hoping he’s not just pretending to be friendly.

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