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I’m very sorry its taken so very long, but here’s an update, with more to come. Last year was rather brutal. At the beginning of the year I suffered a major problem with my long term relationship which shook me to the very core. I’m still dealing with aspects of it. I’ve also been rather sick with a medical problem that required major abdominal surgery.  I finally had the surgery in Dec and it went well, but I’m still recovering. But I’m hoping that with the problem resolved that I will once again be able to resume doing comic stuff instead of constantly being sick or running around to hospitals and doctor’s appointments.

I’ve also made a few decisions about how I’m going to update Brymstone in 2011 moving forward. I’m going to be trying for a biweekly schedule, weekly if I can manage it, but I’m not promising right now as I’m still recovering from my surgery. Also, I’m going to be updating on the main site in advance of the mirror on Drunk Duck. Probably it will be updating a few pages in advance, so if you want the most current story, you’d probably best bookmark or follow the RSS for the site.

Here’s to a hopefully much better 2011 than 2010. Thank you to everyone who’s kept the faith and stuck around. Enjoy.

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  1. Garret

    Hey, wow, glad I kept the rss feed I guess.

    I’m excited for some more plot! Now is probably a good time to reread on what’s happened up until now, too.

    Also, sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope you have a better year

  2. Marshmallows

    Great to see you’re back! I’ve been checking the site on a weekly basis and have to I’m glad I waited. I also like to reread things. *waves at Darshe*

  3. Deanira

    Great to see that you’re back on top of things enough to put up a page! Hope things keep getting better for you, and hope it’s a happy new year for you!

  4. zharnash

    so glad you’re back, this comic is well worth the wait and i’ve been checking back regularly just in case. hope you keep drawing.

  5. Johnny Whoa

    Good to hear you’re okay (mostly), I was getting worried something had happened to you!

    Well, I mean it did, but I mean something fatal.

  6. batz

    It’s a sad thing to hear that so many bad things can happen to one person, and its good to hear you are doing better.

    Also, zero regrets that I didn’t remove this from my bookmarks. (yes, I am oldschool, still no RSS heh.)

  7. Anime fan

    They were only lively because you brought them to life to EAT SOMEONE YOU SOCIOPATH!! rofl.

    • Anime fan

      YOU CANNOT SHAKE MY LOYALTY!!! Glad stuff’s getting better, rest recover and return to a sense of normalcy if possible.

  8. Hoheh

    Update? Oh HELL yes.

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