Chapter 4 Pg 6

Well it was at least close to the day I wanted to update. Still having some issues with recovery related pain and such, but at least the page got done.

I was amazed at the response on the last page, really guys, you guy are awesome!

Thanks to Garret, Marshmallows, Deanira, zharnash, Johnny Whoa, batz, Anime Fan, and hoheh for your comments. 🙂

I thought I might point out to those who might have noticed a delay in their comments showing up, that if you are NOT registered, or never commented with the name/email you are using, it requires me to manually approve the comment the first time. It should show up quickly afterwords. Of course, if you are registered, it should just let you comment as you please.

I know this is going a little slow at the moment, but we’ll see some serious story progression soon.

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  1. Wolfhardt

    Sorry to hear about your personal and health problems.
    Hope it all works out in the end, you have been missed around here 😉

    Good to see you in the saddle again.
    Now an update to shifters as well and I will be happy 😉

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well I’m going to make sure Brymstone is solid here before I start adding on Shifters, since I could see all sorts of crap hit the fan if I started updating that again and wasn’t able to keep a regular schedule. One thing at a time. I do have plans for it though. Big plans. We’ll see how that pans out.

  2. Anime fan

    Epicness, I feel a cult town moment coming on, that or they’re staring at Raif/ Talon. Like I told Yamino way back when, rest easy and go slowly. We can wait for your health.

    • ShadowsMyst

      I’m working on it, its just going slower than I’d like. But Its good for me to get back to doing stuff like this, even if it takes a while.

  3. Marshmallows

    If I were Rushe, I’d hide behind Raif…

    Oh and I voted! <3

    • ShadowsMyst

      Hee hee, might not be a bad idea, and keep those votes coming! Any ideas for vote incentives you’d like to see, let me know.

  4. Marshmallows

    And yays for a cameo mention in the new post! (I feel famous for the first time in my life!) 🙂

  5. Angela777

    Hoorray, thanks for the updates! Nice to see the story continuing again.

    I’m amazed the way you manage to keep the quality of the comic at the same level despite your injury. Love it! Don’t overwork yourself ‘though, okay? Oh, and don’t worry about the story development, just go at it at your own pace. A rushed job is seldom a good job after all. We have patience. 🙂

    • ShadowsMyst

      I’ve got the story quazi planned, so don’t worry, things are going according to plan thus far. I’m kind of surprised I’ve managed to keep it decent too, although that’s part of why I’m only doing it every two weeks for the moment. Yes, you guys clearly do have patience! And I appreciate it!

  6. Thesemar

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’m sorry last year went so poorly for you, and I really hope this year works out better. If I could, I would punch your sorrows in the throat and send them back to the Land of Astoundingly Uncomfortable where they came from.

    I hope you recover without any complications and quickly. ^_^

    • ShadowsMyst

      Me too. But hopefully we are on to better times now. My recovery is going well, but it could be a bit quicker. Oh well, the body heals as it chooses.

  7. Hoheh

    Doubtful they’re that tough, but that’s a lot of enemies to be surrounded by at once. Uh oh.

  8. Stockholm Sandwich At Large

    I just read through your whole storyline on DrunkDuck before coming over here to this site, and I jsut wanted to say that I think your artwork is beautiful (and [even better] interesting!). Darshe makes me laugh–I hope he gets to do more in the future.

    I’m sorry to hear that you had a rough year last year, and I wish for the best for you this year.

    • ShadowsMyst

      Don’t worry, there will be more and more of Darshe as we go on, its his story after all for the most part. Thanks for the compliment on the art! It’s nice to hear positive feedback.

  9. Johnny Whoa

    Anytime, we’re all just glad to hear you’re doing better ^^

    And take your time, you don’t want to stress your recovery out too much!

    • ShadowsMyst

      Doing the best I can. 🙂 Getting better with every passing day.

  10. Senshuu

    Updates yessss O_O

    The comic is looking as good as ever! I’m glad you’re able to update again, and wish you the best of health. 😀

    • ShadowsMyst

      Hey Senshuu! Glad to see you back! XD Hope you are enjoying the updates. 🙂

  11. Anime fan

    Anyone besides me see the scary guy sitting in the corner in the first panel?

  12. Hoheh

    “What could go wrong?” Not sure, but it will now. Hope you recover quickly enough.

  13. batz

    Never, EVER say “what could go wrong?”

  14. Max

    So regretting not learning how to use RSS till now.
    Was simply checking the site periodically(about once or twice a month).

    Have a quick and easy recovery(pretty delayed i guess =/)

    Also, delayed updates from a healing artist are better than no updates from a sick artist(just getting into the mindset of some of the stalky readers, which I admit, I was one of them), so don’t worry about updating, just get better.

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well I have to worry about it a little, just so that it gets done. I do it as I can, hence the every-two-weeks at the moment rather than weekly. We’ll see how things go as I recover, but something is better than nothing right?

  15. Devin8878

    Rules of being a magic villian

    Rule one: never get beating by a guy in tights thats just humiliating

    Rule two: if you are beating dont get trapt in a magic stone

    Rule three: if you are trapt in a magic stone and then going to be put in someones body… make shure he’s not a putz

    Rule four: did i mention dont get beating by a guy in tights?

  16. 73hhun73r

    Glad to hear your getting better! this comic really grabbed my attention when you started, and i was sad to hear that you had such a rough year 🙁 but I’ve checked this site about once a week since you’ve been gone and i got to say i don’t regret it 🙂

  17. batz

    Jay for page :3

    Also, I didn’t knew you had another comic 😮 Definitely checking it out.

    • ShadowsMyst

      Yah, Shifters was actually my first webcomic I did. So if you read the old stuff, you’ll see some truly heinous art. 😛

      • batz

        I just checked it, good stuff 🙂

        (also, how did this end up on this page? :P)

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