Chapter 4 Pg 12

Holy crap, I finally finished it. Seriously, I’ve been working on this for weeks. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but crap, I’m SO HAPPY its done. Probably not my best page evar, but still passable. (seriously, I’ve been streaming it live, so I have witnesses that I was working and not slacking!) I stream on Tuesdays and Weds from 8:30 pm to usually midnight PDT. We talk on skype and mock things and have a good time. Consider joining us. 🙂

I thought I’d point out that I now have a Tumblr account, and while there isn’t a lot there, I am accepting questions on it ( I don’t think you have to register to ask a question… don’t quote me on that..), so if you have one you want to ask, go ahead. You can also follow me too if you happen to be a tumblr person, I will follow you back. 🙂

If you follow the Brymstone facebook page, there is a schedule of the Ustreams, including a special early day one on Friday, if you can’t make the evening ones.

Now, on to trying to make sure the next update is ON SCHEDULE. blarg.

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  1. batz

    Hmmm. I have my suspicions. Whether or not they will be true, remains to be seen. 🙂

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well obviously I can’t say one way or the other, but the meat of the plot arrives soon.

  2. Angela777

    So, no kids in town huh? I guess that sect or whatever you want to call it did really kidnap a lot of kids. Kinda weird those people didn’t find the sect suspicious in that case.
    Anyway, despite you disliking this page, it’s pretty good/funny. I didn’t immediately expect this kind of situation. So that’s why she went so desperately for an embrace.

    And unfortunately, I’ve always been too late for your streams (about 10 hours, living at the other side of the planet has its disadvantages lol). I guess I’ll go check the schedule on Facebook next time. If I can find out where you live, otherwise I’ll just have to guess how many hours difference there is.

    • Anime fan

      I like Organization personally, its more cold and uncaring. Just like the jack***es who started it.

    • ShadowsMyst

      The Lasellian order? They don’t actually kidnap children, the kids they get are voluntarily surrendered.

      Unfortunately the only time I get on is late at night on my time, which is probably early in the morning your time. Oh the trouble with time differences. :/ I do sometimes get a day stream, usually on holidays (since my weekends become mysteriously full all the time.)

  3. Anime fan

    So I was right, the organization takes children from the adjoining village and uses them as holding cells, probably without a permission form from their parents. So any one that could, took their remaining children and left. Am I in the ball park Shadow?

    • ShadowsMyst

      Like I said above, the Lasellian order only takes children who are voluntarily surrendered by their mothers. They don’t kidnap children. There will be more on this later.

  4. Hoheh

    It’s worse than I thought. He’s only a small bit crazy, tops, compared to these people. Guess she was just out of her mind. And she broke Rushe.

    • ShadowsMyst

      Yes, well Rushe is easily broken by girls. Darshe of course is horrified by this.

  5. Marshmallows

    Maybe being popular isn’t as good as it sounds.

    Oh and I just noticed that one of the adults as two colour tones in his hair.

  6. Anime fan

    So, a monster in the area is eating children then? I’d think the Lasellian order would remove such things.

  7. Angela777

    Problem is, the Laselian order just got barbecued. A monster, or maybe those masked guys have something to do with it?

  8. Anime fan

    Nah, the masked dudes are traders and the actual order teleported out. The only thing barbequed was the kids they used to contain the spirits.

  9. Silverwolf

    Damn the Combine and their reproductive suppression field!

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