Chapter 4 Pg 14

Whew. And its another page closer to PLOT. There’s actually some in this page. I LOVE Raif in the bottom left panel putting his swords away. And look who’s back. Its Rowan, his mind ever on food. Completely doesn’t care he just raided someone else’s kitchen for it.

And now, in other news. I do another comic called “Shifters Redux“, you may have heard about it. It is with great pleasure I can now say that it is updating again. It started on  June 6th, and with some special help from Mad Cheshire, It will hopefully be a weekly update. I’m TRYING to get set up with a colorist on this comic too, but with getting Shifters set up, AND getting the book put together in time for the various events I’ll be at, like Minicomi, Cos & Effect, and Vcon, its been a bit troublesome. But I’m trying.

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  1. Anime fan


    • Anime fan

      This thing is probably ironicaly familiar, in any case I can’t wait to watch Darshe vaporize it.

  2. Hoheh

    As a knight, he would know the way they SHOULD be acting. I wonder if something is happening with the king, as well as here. Something to wonder on.

  3. Angela777

    Maybe Raif’s old buddy messing things up at the kingdom? Well, I guess the monster would love to try a piece of Rushe. Poor monster, we’ll pray for you afterwards.

    Anyway, I love Rowan raiding the kitchen. xD Like it’s all free self-service, almost like a treasure hunt. Thanks for the update!

  4. batz

    Ah, typical D&D. Some guys try to carry on the plot whilst the other barges in somewhere and steals stuff he doesn’t really need, obviously getting him in trouble later.

  5. marshmallows

    Is this where Rushe is used as pretty bait?

    And dibs on the chocolate cake! (At least that’s what I hope it is)

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