Brymstone Front Cover Filler

Okay, I had a long post and then the cat stepped on my keyboard and wiped it out.

Basically, sorry for the filler guys, but I’ve been busting my ass trying to get Brymstone to the printer. I only managed to do a 28 pg standard comic for starters, but it should be alright for the con, and is incidentally the only place I’ve ever publicly stated Darshe’s full name. But I felt you guys deserved an update, even if it is just on what’s going on.

I’m only printing small quantities of books right now, but if you are interested in acquiring one of these limited edition books, please email me at I won’t be selling them until after the cons, but after each con, I’ll look at how many I have left and offer them to the people who’ve asked. Assuming that CanadaPost is up and running again. They will cost probably about $7. Not horribly expensive, but they were more expensive to print than I originally wanted.

Anyway, sorry for the delay. Working on new pages, just takes me a bit.

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  1. Anime fan

    Filler or no, Darshe posing is still epic.

    • Anime fan

      Is that bumble fuck I spy in the background?

      • ShadowsMyst

        Glad you like it. 😉 and yes, its him.

      • Anime fan

        I could have sworn he was blue.

  2. Jinpachi

    Filler or not, it’s a legitimate work of art.

    Keep it up, and good luck on the cons.
    (don’t know when they are, I am not american)

    • ShadowsMyst

      Neither am I. I’m Canadian. They are all around Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

      • Jinpachi

        didn’t know that.
        And so you learn something everyday

  3. Hoheh

    Darshe looking good. And about to teach some putz a lesson. Lesson: Don’t mess with me and you’ll live longer. Otherwise, this happens…

  4. Anime fan

    Hey Shadow, not to rush you or anything. But is another page, or some filler coming anytime soon. Or are you sick again?

    • ShadowsMyst

      I know, I know its been a long time. -.-;;;

      Between the conventions, family, and work, I’ve been suffering from exhaustion and its been taking a bit of a toll on me. As far as comics go, Drawing is not the problem so much as coloring because of the time it takes me and I can’t stay up till 2-3am several nights in a row to get it done. I’ll try to get some filler or something up, but I am trying to find a solution.

      • Anime fan

        :-j Glad to see you’re still with us at least. Like I’ve said countless times before, “We can wait.” I in my own right have about thirty other comics to distract me. So you have nothing to worry about, may fortune follow you in all your endevors.

      • Angela777

        No worries, I’ve been patiently waiting up to now, checking up on it every now and then. Like Anime Fan said, we can wait. Besides, I’m pretty busy myself nowadays, finding a house, work and all that. ^^ Doesn’t leave much free time anymore, unfortunately.

  5. theflotinghead

    you would get better rateings if you updated regularly
    like once a month or something

    • ShadowsMyst

      Ratings? Honestly I don’t know what you are talking about, and I don’t really care much about rankings of any sort ATM. I care about my health and sanity more than ratings of any sort. I’ll update when I can update.

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