Chapter 4 Pg 2

Okay, back to the grind!

Needed some time off to sort stuff out and try to get some work out of the way, and I have now done so. Also new for 2010, we are going to try a Monday update schedule, and hopefully, that will actually give me enough time, with classes to get pages done on time.

So moving on, as promised, here’s the first page of 2010. Enjoy.

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  1. Monfang

    I agree with him, screw pants. And will we be seeing lots of blood and explosions soon?

  2. Carma

    Psh, pants are overrated anyway.

  3. BlaceWolf

    I love your webcomic, I just really wish you updated more! Your cliff hangers are so awesome I’m almost suffocated now.

  4. FMA fan

    dont forget fires Monfang

  5. George

    Love the foreshadowing in this page. The art looks really great also. Keep up the good work!

  6. superman200er0

    Well it was fun chatting will mail off the monitor adapter as soon as I know where to send it.

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