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Yes, I know its been a ridiculously long time since I updated. I am aware of this. I’m trying to remedy this, its just.. well been equally ridiculously difficult to work on this. I’m not sure how to make it easier, I’m going to be going to see the doctor about doing something about my wrists (I suffer from pretty severe carpal tunnel at times), and its been quite bad recently. But I’m looking into doing what I can. After work my wrists have just been too messed up to work for any more than a few hours here and there on anything needing fine motor skills of my hands or clutching a mouse. I have tried to get people to help, but they have their own lives, and doing things for free.. well lets just say things haven’t been particularly timely. And since I can’t pay for any help, well I’m just going to have to struggle through it as best I can. The worst is the coloring, I could post pages ontime if they were just black and white… but then they would suck comparatively. Its hard to find a balance between quality and timeliness. 😛

Anyway, If you want to see me work on this and ask me stuff, you can tune into my ustream cast which is Thursday nights at 8pm PST ( I know that’s late for you eastern folks, but I can’t do it any earlier…). If you just want to ask me random stuff, I recently got a formspring account, where random questions are the order of the day.

There is also a facebook group for Brymstone, and my Deviant art account where I post stuff like Ustream reminders and such if you have a DA account and want to watch me.

There’s also a new piece of fan art in the gallery here from Carl Davis of Infinity Komix. Not much at his site yet, but I’m sure it will get there. Thanks Carl!

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  1. Animie fan

    this is way to convenient, and yes black and white would work fine. if i may make a personal request still make the blood and explosins red

  2. Infinityman

    Well I have to say I am patient enough to wait for you to put out a page of your best quality. This is our art not a job. I prefer to see your best who cares how long it takes to get there. Just keep doing what you do and I’ll keep coming back for more.

  3. Animie fan

    i know you put this out a long time ago but take care of your wrists, another comic called sister claire the artist got what it sounds like you have. she didn’t take it seriously enough and she maybe tripled her recovery period. in short TAKE IT EASY!!

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