Chapter 3 Pg 23

Yyyeahh.. so yeah. I’ve been working on this page for like three weeks. It sucked. I hate coloring. I really really do. It takes so freaking long and I have been sick on and off for the last three weeks. WHY CAN’T I JUST STAY HEALTHY?

And its still not the end of it. But it would be far too much TMI for a comic post. 😛

Oh, and hope everyone had a good Easter. Yup? Okay? Good stuff.

Don’t forget to vote in the poll if you haven’t already. Oh and I added a forum too! Kinda lame right now, but working on it. 🙂

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  1. Sen

    Darshe advice column, yyyeaaaahh!

  2. Scritty

    This is a bloody fine read, welcome to the ‘ol favorites list.

  3. Rain

    Just found this comic and love it. 🙂 But I can really see Darshe saying, “who the @$#&^ asked for your life story, Pansy McFancyPants?!”

  4. Ha!

    I can see why it was hard, its all exposition flash back. He hasn’t even established that he is evil yet and here he is monologging.

    Most people get sick more than they should because they…

    1) aren’t eating right, particularly fresh or frozen vegitables.
    2) aren’t excercising right, at least a hour of aerobic per day
    3) aren’t sleeping enough and don’t get any direct sunshine
    4) are ealting too much crappy food hi fat, suger and salt
    5) are drinking too much booze, smoking, and running themselves down on caffiene

    Each one of those is a hit on your immune system.

    When you are a kid you can take a few hits and still bounce back.

    So take 100 points and subtract 10 for each hit above and then subtract your age for a completely arbitrary xx% for getting sick more than you should. The lower you get, the worse you are.

    • Irrevenoid

      The pedant in me needs to point out that this means a 105 year old who does everything right will be sick more than 100% of the time. Even if you cap it at 100% elderly people aren’t sick ALL the time. (Nor, for that matter, is a 60 year old who drinks, eats poorly and is sedentary).

      Of course, the pedant in me ALSO recognises you have damn good points here even if the math’s a little shonky…

      • ShadowsMyst

        I’m…. not even sure what this is on about… is this a comment on the blog or the comic? I’m confused.

  5. Bob

    Is this comic dead? That would make me very sad 🙁

  6. Kartos

    I always suggest this across the web I think, but maybe you could get someone else to color your pages if you don’t like to do it? It would help the process get a bit faster, and finding someone who likes to color pages would be a good thing, I think. *cough*

    • ShadowsMyst

      If I knew of someone who:
      1) could color as good or better than me
      2) would do it on time on a weekly basis
      3) would do it for free
      Sure, I’d consider it. Right now, I’m trying to train my fiance and roomie, but they can still only lay flats. I have to do all the shadowing and special effects. There’s a little time saved, but I still have to do the details.

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