Chapter 3 Pg 24

Its a monday, enjoy a page.

No the comic isn’t dead, just kinda slow as I sort out some medical issues that make it difficult to produce. I’ve been to the doc, and I’ll hopefully find out this week some more info about it. Also, WoW has been a tad distracting. ^^;

Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. Rain

    Feel better soon!
    And beware the WoW. It’s a pyramid scheme of doom built by zombies*
    *(this information is not verified)

  2. Richard R

    The dreaded WoW monster and it’s the damn world events. First I’m fighting over chocolate eggs for a pet, then I’m running rug rats all over the place for pets. And everyone wants to know why I didn’t make it to the raid….or to dinner with the inlaws.

  3. DeathMonkee

    Hope you feel better!
    Love the comic, it has one of the best stories I have ever seen.

  4. Anonymous the Nth

    Now the comments can be read, though the rest is still cramped together…

    You are on the right path, both for the comic and bug-killing!

  5. ratgirl34

    Aw, hope you get to feeling better soon. Drink lotsa fluids! Eat the healthy stuff. And pwn some people in WoW, it’s good for your health 😛

  6. Bob

    Thanks for updating! Hope you get well soon. This webcomic is great 🙂

  7. yukiange

    Feel better! This is awesome. And keeps making me laugh through my friend’s hockey game and she wasn’t very happy about that.

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