Chapter 3 Pg 25

I was pleased with the layout on this page, but the coloring isn’t as up to snuff as normal, just for the sake of getting it done.

Lots of stuff on the plate for this update. Firstly, I’ve put up some new pages, if you haven’t noticed, including a ‘Press’ page for things like Podcasts, reviews, and upcoming events I’m going to be at. One such event is Anime Evolution, which will be June 12-14 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’m going to be giving a series of workshops on webcomics for the Creation Station. When I have a schedule, it will be posted in the press page, as well as on my twitter. I don’t have an artists alley table or anything, but its been a long standing.. tradition? is that the right word? that if you can find me at a con, you can get a 10$ sketch. If you are up to the challenge. 😉

I’ve also been reviewed! Couple of times, the most recent is on “This is your Webcomic”. The rest are linked through the Press page.

I *think* I’ve fixed the IE problem with the main website’s text now. If you are still having trouble after a forced refresh, let me know and i’ll keep trying to fix it.

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  1. Uri

    Great work i just got into this comic and i liked it since the very beginning. But there’s something that creeps me out: this story looks a lot like one i draw 2 years ago! But you took this from a 2002 rpg thing, so i gues you win :p. Whatever, just keep up the good stuff!

  2. NeosinneR

    Loved the comic, keep up the great work. 🙂 However, is the comic still continuing? I thought the updates were supposed to be weekly 😛

  3. Wei

    Great work Marie! But you haven’t updated for awhile. I want to see more updates!

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