Chapter 3 Pg 26

Its been a little while, and this page was long in coming. I’m very proud of the blur/sparks thing on the middle panel. Yes.. its shiny.

Just some quick notes:
Thanks to all who came by my Anime Evolution panels, and thanks to all who’ve voted for my episodes in the TGT Webcomics Podcast tournament. (I’m in Brackets 11 and 19) If you haven’t had a chance, get over there and have a listen, and vote!

Also, still taking submissions for the ‘ask Darshe’ questions, which you can submit a question on the forums that will be answered by Darshe in the section in the menu above.

There is also possibly a wallpaper coming, soon.. if I can finish coloring it. 😛 My computer seems to really hate this one picture.

I’ll get the hang of this eventually. For now enjoy the page.

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  1. NeosinneR

    Thanks for continuing the comic! keep ’em coming! love it.

  2. The Jester

    Well, we pretty much know where Talon got his mask now.

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