Chapter 3 Pg 28

Its 3:30 am. I’m going to HATE myself in the morning so hard for staying up to finish this. But DAMMIT, I’m trying to get an update schedule going.. even if its irratic, at least its once a week. We’ll work on that regularity thing.

I’m still in the running for the TGT tournament! If you haven’t voted (or even if you have, since you can vote every hour!), please go and do so. I’m in the second bracket. ^^

So this page is fight slash ‘all about talon’. Or at least as much as Raif is recounting. Almost to the end of the chapter.. thank gods.Do you have any idea how HARD it is to choreograph and draw a battle between a double handed swords person and someone with a double handed longsword and make it exciting? Its hard! The longsword fighter is very stance heavy and uses his reach and power to his advantage, so he doesn’t move a lot. That doesn’t make a very exciting fight until he DOES move. 😛 The other guy, on the other hand, moves a LOT. Seriously, I did research.

Oh and yes, I’m doing a little site renovating. Please excuse my dust and horrid color combinations as I work out better stuff.

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