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Yes yes, I know. I don’t normally do filler, but this is special.

I’m in the finals for the TGT webcomics podcase tournament, but as Darshe says here, we’re getting our butts kicked. We need the support of you, the peeps. Seriously, you aren’t going to let a bunch of hippies beat the awesomeness that is Darshe are you?

The regular comic will be updated on friday, but if we meet and beat, I’ll see to providing some extra goodies.

If you are feeling generous, Eben7 and Starship Moonhawk could use your support too!

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  1. tgtwebcomics

    Well.. there’s still time… I’m sure Darshe can pull some magic out of somewhere to get the votes to come in 🙂

  2. Byron

    Well, the “battle” is very close indeed and I’m glad we’re having some fun with the competition!

    By the way, just for the record, we’re “stoners” not “hippies” as hippies were from the 60s, man… only an old fart like me knows the difference, but hey, what the heck.


    • ShadowsMyst

      It is rather, isn’t it? Don’t mind Darshe, he’s an ego whore and something of an asshole. I’ll try to remind him about the whole stoner vs hippies thing. Although 1977 is kind of a special year to me, so this is kinda fun. 🙂 The whole being born thing was cool. XD

  3. Black

    it absolutally breaks my heart that those evil monastary people would imprison him like that! And that they would be so cruel to that kid because of some evil inside of him, branding him and the other kids and then whipping him! Slave drivers! If they really were as good as they claimed, then they would be more gentle and kind, but noooo, apparently they have to poison the kid too. Gosh, I am so happy that our dear villain got loose! I really hope he gets his body back! Please! I beg of you, give him back his body soon! *sobs* I also hope he kick’s those red cloaked guys asses!

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