Chapter 4 – A Problem In Pendajo

Okay, I cheated a little, but I got a new page up for you this week. Its a title page, but rest assured more story goodness is on its way.

This particular titlepage is pretty good in that it doesn’t actually give away much of this chapter, some of my others are kinda bad for it.. but hey, it looks pretty. I might fashion part of this into some kind of wallpaper… if nothing else to give that calendar something else to display aside from the comic press logo.

I’ve got a little poll going on in the sidebar here about which day you guys think I should update. I’m working on the weekly thing, but I’d like to know which day that people think is the best. Monday so far is looking the rosiest, but if you think it should be Friday, vote. If you think it should be something else, leave a comment!

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  1. BloodTh

    You should update Saturday or Sunday… yeah Saturday, I hate Sundays.

  2. Jack T Robyn

    Is that “pen-Dah-joh” or “pen-dei-ho?”

    • ShadowsMyst

      The first is the proper pronunciation. Nice to see you again Jack. 🙂

      • Jack T Robyn

        You know me, ever-present, ever-silent.

      • ShadowsMyst

        I know, but I so love the rare occasions you pop your head up so I still know you are there. 🙂

  3. Silverwolf

    Ye gads, first dragons, then hobbits…are we up to elves now?

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