Chapter 4 Pg 1

Eh heh.. okay well this is sort of a cop out page, I may redo it later, but I wanted to at least have something. The next page will actually have real ink/drawing on it, but I didn’t want to not post something this week.

Depending I may leave or remove this page, but for now, it does serve a purpose, and oh yeah, Darshe’s narration is back, full force baby.

Happy belated turkey day to all my American readers/friends and have fun shopping today and what not. 🙂

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  1. Von Krieger

    Are you using God as a singular or as a plural? If you mean multiple gods, you need to shift the apostrophe over past the S. So that it’s Gods’.

    • ShadowsMyst

      Ah hah hah.. you are completely right. I should have put it that way. *faceslaps* I’ll have to fix the page later. Of course this would be the one page I didn’t save the editable version of because I intended to redo it. I’ll update/fix it when I upload the page for this week.

  2. Sen

    I hate the cold too! Yay!

    I loooove Darshe’s narration forever.

  3. Sogulas P.

    *parades aroudn with anti-warmth poster* bring the chill!!!!!
    and Darshe has a simply “wonderful” way with words 😉

  4. Wolfhardt

    I think the page is fine as it is. Transfers a certain mood, very autumn-like ^^ Me like it

  5. revelever

    Just discovered your comic. Thank you for bringing back the lost art of insults!

  6. Irrevenoid

    I’m not clear on what that second sentence “…the god’s shit kicked man’s ass…” is meant to be? Is that “the shit [presumably meaning ‘stuff’ rather than literal shit. o_O] of the god kicked man’s ass”? Or maybe “The gods shit-kicked man’s ass”? Something else?

    Also, do you mean ‘rain’ or ‘reign’?

    LOVING this comic, btw. 🙂 Great stuff!

    • ShadowsMyst

      If you look in the comments, von Kreiger actually caught it, that’s my mistake in that it should be “gods shit kicked” rather than with a ” ‘s”. I will upload a fixed copy of this page eventually. As for the rain vs reign, I mean rain. As in, rain of fire. Like, wholesale destruction of the world via falling fire.

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