Chapter 4 Pg 10

Rushe really doesn’t want ‘mommy’ to hug him, and you’ll find out why next week. πŸ™‚

I know, I’m evil. XD I do apologize that I ended up skipping last week’s update. I was actually pretty annoyed with myself, but I am still recovering from surgery and I have these periods of exhaustion that just sap the life from me, couple that with having a flu, and well.. yeah. I just ran out of time. I’m sure that will improve though as time goes on. Having livestreams helps too, since I can be kinda focused when I’m yacking about what I’m doing.

Its good to see people liking the facebook pages, keep it coming. πŸ™‚ I also have a tumblr account now, although I really haven’t totally figured out how I want to use it. But if you are into tumblr, feel free to follow me. I do have a poll up right now there if you would be so kind as to give some feed back as to what you use to stay informed. If you use other things you think I should know about, feel free to leave it in the comments! I try to notify people all over the place, especially given that my update schedule is still erratic, although improving.

On a really positive note, I submitted the Raif wallpaper I did (Raif in Fire) to Elfwood, and got a Moderator’s Pick! It only took 13 friggen years, but I finally got one. HAH. (If you poke around on elfwood you can see some REALLY old art of mine. It only proves that, yes you too can improve if you kick your own ass for a decade or so.) If you haven’t seen the new wallpaper its in the gallery at 800×600, but if you want the full, large rez versions, you’ll have to login to the site (or register, if you haven’t) and you’ll get a nifty option under the gallery called ‘wallpaper’ where you can download the high resolution of all the wallpapers I’ve done and in the future I will do. I’ll likely be adding more site member features, so its worth registering, You will also be registered for the forums! Which really need some love..

Anyway, enjoy Rushe flipping out.

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  1. Nedarnav

    I am going to guess that he doesn’t like suffocation via boob hug. =3
    Sorry to hear that your still ill. Get well soon!
    Have a get well soon hug. πŸ™‚

    • ShadowsMyst

      Rushe…. has issues. Lets just leave it at that. XD

      • Nedarnav

        Issues eh? This aught to be good. Waits eagerly for Rushe torment. =D

  2. Angie7

    Haha, nicely done, it’s a funny page! ^^ And with a cliffhanger too! Aha ahaha hahaha …

    *takes out bazooka and aims*

    About the week skip, don’t worry and take your time. We don’t want you to worsen your health now, do we? Just claim your regular schedule is one page per two weeks, and let us followers think of the pages appearing within the week as treats. That way we won’t even notice your actual regular schedule is one page each week with some unfortunate week skips, and everyone’s happy. Basic psychological mind manipulation. πŸ˜€

    • ShadowsMyst

      Hmmm… you’ve got a really good point about the update schedule. Well then, looks like I’ll just have to go with that.

  3. Johnny Whoa

    Man, Darshe, you got a sick taste in women. You’ve been alone a long time, haven’t you?

    • ShadowsMyst

      Well, Darshe is like 200 years old. Finding a woman in her early 40s attractive isn’t really out of his league. Not to mention, he has kind of been forced to be celibate for over 15 years now. Like he said before, “Any port in a storm”.

  4. Marshmallows

    Hee! Rushe looks like a cute little bird trying to fly away… Methinks the big breasted lady is trying to get him to do homework. πŸ˜›

    Or maybe just trying to tickle him. And Darshe would feel… embarrassed?

  5. Anime fan

    …did he forget to clean his room?

  6. Hoheh

    Long-lost-relative. Goodie! But he’s terrified of the woman. Foreshadowing of things we don’t know yet? Before he… Hm… Here’s to hoping it stays funny, rather than turning nasty.

  7. Thesemar

    Wonderful! Can’t wait to see what happens. ^_^

    Also, yay for Tumblr! You should allow people to ask you questions, so we can talk to you on there. ^_^

    • ShadowsMyst

      How do you do that on tumblr? I have no idea how to use that thing yet. XD I didn’t even know you could…

  8. batz

    Rush away Rushe, Rush away!

    Sorry for that lame pun, plz don’t hit me D:

    Great page as always. And don’t stress yourself, m’kay? πŸ™‚

    (also, I’m annoyed at the fact friggin hot is not accepted as an anti-spam answer. πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ )

  9. SilentMech

    Well this should be interesting. I call dibs on the front seat of the exposition train.

  10. Anime fan

    So, as a conspiracist theorizer. I’d say that the organization Darshe turned into a hole takes children and uses them as prison cells, or rehabilitation cells for various powerful creatures and demons.

  11. Don

    Darn, I’ve caught up! Now what do I do?

  12. Angela777/Angie7

    I’ve done a bit of rereading, and I guess we’re somewhere about here:
    – introducing the last main character! …………………………………………… Check!
    – revealing Rushe’s secret phobia! ………………………………………………. Coming up!
    – getting into the meat of the plot! ………………………………………………….. Later on
    – blowing up stuff! ………………………………………………………………………….. Later on

    So we’ll discover Rushe’s secret phobia now huh? This ought to be good …

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